What would you do with a 57% increase in revenue?

Nabeel Khalid
May 2, 2019 2:43:25 PM


Most marketers think of website design as a superficial improvement, i.e. one that doesn't bring about any direct impact or benefit, but our most recent case study paints a different picture.

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In terms of website design, when you commit to due diligence, you're committing to doing user stories, personas, behaviour flows, content audits and a whole lot of research before you even start wire-framing. 

Most website design agencies fail here because they either don't see the value in it, don't have the expertise to do it, or are just dinosaurs stuck in a previous era. 

Websites today are more than just responsive sites. Today they're progressive web apps, and these 'apps' can integrate with thousands of smart apps, incorporate workflows and help you automate your marketing. 

At Hound and Badger, we think we look at website design and development in a more wholesome way - the proof is in the pudding as they say, so this is just an invitation to ask you to see our latest case study published recently:

New website design pushes boundaries to see a 56.92% increase in online revenue

If you have any upcoming website design briefs and wish to get a second opinion on what to include in your brief, simply get in touch with us and we can help you craft a killer website brief for free. (Worst case scenario, you will get one additional pitch from us, which may not be so bad if you've already looked at the case study.)

So go on then, drop us a line!

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