What is the worth of content marketing?

Nabeel Khalid
Jun 15, 2018 11:47:00 AM

If you’re anything like the marketers surveyed by Zazzle Media, you’re probably frustrated by content marketing in terms of ROI and its effectiveness in general, when it comes to marketing.

Those ‘selling’ content marketing always overpromise and it almost always seems like they underdeliver because its quality is subjective. But more because it’s hard to measure.

Richard Elmer, our Managing Director at Hound and Badger, always reminds us ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’, so this point hits home for everyone in our team.

The ‘overarching conclusion’ from this year’s State of Content Marketing Survey by Zazzle Media is that top marketers are now putting content marketing at the front and centre of their plans.

And why not? 61% marketing decision makers agree that content marketing works.

A robust content marketing strategy can unify all your marketing communications, both in terms of visuals and copy, and propel performance in terms of vanity metrics as well as conversions and sales.

But only 20% of content marketers are aware of best practices in content marketing, even though 88% brands use written content. This fact, coupled with how difficult it is to measure brand awareness allows content marketing to fade into insignificance.

Our inbound marketing strategists understand these challenges, which is why they always start by setting goals to manage client expectations, before getting into planning content to reach those goals.

They also work closely with the design team to ensure website design, and brand messaging is done intelligently across all platforms and channels.

Most importantly, they measure their success by monitoring and tracking increase in website traffic and domain authority in connection to SEO rankings.

To rephrase the question, what is the worth of increased web traffic to you?

It might be worth a lot for e-commerce website store owners, or for professional service providers that have a lead generation mechanism on their website.

It may not be worth that much if your website only serves as a brochure. Then again, content marketing might be something you want to do to increase awareness of your brand - 45% say it worked for them to get a brand lift.

There’s no point in concluding that content marketing is worth a lot - that bit is fairly obvious.

The real question is, what is content marketing worth to you?

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