Announcing the launch of our new brand: Hound and Badger

Nabeel Khalid
Mar 4, 2019 11:29:00 AM

Maven Global Innovations Ltd, a digital agency specialising in website design, marketing communications, branding and digital marketing, today announced a major rebranding to reflect the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing inbound marketing agency now trading under the name Hound and Badger.

Richard Elmer, managing director and co-founder of Hound and Badger, said, “Marketing managers have been facing a remarkable increase in complexity when it comes to coordinating strategy, data and creative across the marketing landscape.”

“Our vision has been to help brands navigate the complexities of working with multiple partners in the same arena by building our talent, capabilities, frameworks and assets to address this challenge in one place. With this launch, we are adopting the inbound marketing methodology behind a brand that communicates our abilities and creativity more effectively.”

Ian Cole, founder and innovations director of Hound and Badger, added, “We are an inbound marketing agency with creative DNA. We’ve partnered with Google and Hubspot in the past year to continue fusing data, insight and creativity to deliver beautiful data-driven campaigns across the digital marketing spectrum to continue to achieve impressive business results for our client partners.”

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s name, website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. Hound and Badger’s new brand assets include a simplified black-and-white text logo, a graphical logo, a new website domain and other visual communications that utilise simple graphics to convey complex ideas in a way that can be understood easily.

The company is still registered as Maven Global Innovations Ltd but from 4 March 2019 will be trading under the new brand name ‘Hound and Badger’.

About Hound and Badger:

We are an inbound marketing agency with creative DNA, fusing data, insight and creativity to design meaningful connections for brands to increase loyalty and awareness, engaging the right audiences through their interests, passions and challenges.

Contact information:
Name: Ian Cole, Innovations Director
Organisation: Hound and Badger
Company URL:
Address: 5 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3LE.
Phone: +44 (020) 3296 0510

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